Administrative Services Department

The Administrative Services Department consists of five units which are Administration & Human Resources (ADMIN & HR), Finance (F), Information Technology & Communications (ITC) and Members Bureau

The Director General provides positive and professional leadership to staff in the Administrative Services, ensuring that the department delivers effective support to the activities of NIC;

Delegate appropriate responsibility for the provision of Administrative Services whilst retaining overall accountability for the delivery of those services;

Provide advice and support to the Units and activities within the NIC on matters relating to any issue within the remit of Administrative Services;

Undertake such duties, in addition to the principal duties listed, as may be delegated by the NIC President;

Support the implementation of the NIC’s policies.

Direct and oversee all projects of the NIC while maintaining high standards and ensuring deadlines are met.

The DG is responsible for ensuring NIC is performing according to established performance guidelines.

This department is also responsible for maintaining the history and knowledge of the entire organization to further its development by providing tools to measure the NIC’s continuous improvement while still maintaining its legal responsibilities.


Administration & Human Resources Unit (AHR)

The Admin Unit is responsible for providing a broad range of services that contribute to the efficient management and administration of NIC.

Overseen by the Director, who is responsible for developing frameworks and policies for administrative services.

Manage all administrative work in accordance with relevant guidelines and legislation;

This unit also ensures the provision of advice on HR matters to the leadership team, including the development and review of relevant HR policies, strategies and procedures;

Monitor and adapt remuneration and entitlement levels to ensure that the pay structure of the NIC is competitive and satisfy the expectations of staff, as well as market and currency fluctuations;

Ensure the provision of a range of services including recruitment and selection; training and development; performance management; disciplinary and grievance procedures; payroll and pensions;

Ensure that all HR policies and procedures meet the requirements of NIC and are in line with laws and regulations of the Republic of the Maldives.

Manage all procurement activity in accordance with relevant guidelines and legislation;

Also managing a range of services including catering, cleaning and fire protection and ensure security of the premises used by NIC.

Finance Unit (F)

Ensures proper administration of the NIC’s financial affairs; advising and assisting the NIC’s leadership on budget and financial planning strategies.


Information Technology & Communications Unit (ITC)

Oversee the ITC function, ensuring the ongoing development and implementation of the NIC's IT services. This unit will also assist in the gathering of intelligence through the use of technology and help in IT audits pertaining to the information systems and assessing controls within an IT environment, evaluating information systems with the objective of ensuring data integrity.


Members Bureau

This unit provide assistance to the commissioners in their daily routine tasks and also support the commissioners in all administrative and secretarial aspects.