Our Objective

The objectives of NIC are as follows:

  • To investigate unlawful acts of Law Enforcement Agencies and employees of such agencies and to investigate where the commission of such act is suspected or if any party submits a complaint that such an act has or is being committed;

  • To foster public trust and confidence in the service provided by employees of Law Enforcement Agencies whilst affording employees of Law Enforcement Agencies the necessary legal protection to carry out their duties;

  • To formulate national policies for strengthening the integrity of Law Enforcement Agencies and to amend or vary such policies, and to introduce and establish procedures, guidelines and standards for projects and plans for the state agencies to implement such policies and to advise state agencies, make submissions and give the necessary instructions to the relevant state agencies on the necessary procedures, guidelines and standards and to monitor how they are being implemented and to evaluate their effectiveness;

  • To formulate the procedures for investigating and scrutinizing under its own discretion, without any information or complaint being submitted by a third party, if it is suspected that a Law Enforcement Agency or an employees of such Law Enforcement Agency has committed an unlawful act and if the Commission believes or suspects that such an act has been committed;

  • To publish the procedures for the Commission's powers and responsibilities, the Commission's scope of work, prerequisites of membership of the Commission, the disciplinary standards for members of the Commission and the operating procedures of the Commission;

  • To take the necessary steps to develop rule of law, trust and confidence in the functioning of the state.