Strategic Development &Public Affairs Department

This department consists of two units which are Strategic Development Unit (SD), & Public Affairs Unit (PA).

This department provides strategic planning and overseeing while improving and maintaining the strategic flow of activates and responsibilities.

Provide advice and guidance to the leadership Team on organizational development matters.

This unit provides direction to overall relations with the parliament and other stakeholders and is responsible for the design and development, implementation and continuous improvement of the NIC’s relations with stakeholders.

This unit is also responsible for the daily updating of the NIC’s website and continuous relationship building with the national media and social networks.

Bodies which influence the standards and other aspects of NIC will have to be monitored and contacted while maintaining good relations. These continued relationships will also be handled by this unit.

Strategic Development Unit (SD)

Contribute to the management of the NIC, as a member of the senior management Team, by participating in the generation of new ideas and fresh approaches to manage its activities

Public Affairs Unit (PA)

The main purpose of this unit is to help develop, manage and continuously improve the NIC’s relations with its stakeholders.