Message from the Commissioners

Welcome to the National Integrity Commission (NIC),

It is an honour and a privilege to serve as Commissioners of the National Integrity Commission. The Commissioners will see that the people of Maldives place a great deal of confidence on the independence of NIC to ensure the integrity of all law enforcement agencies and its employees. NIC will be successful in performing its duties because of the commitment to core values of integrity, independence, and objectivity. The Commissioners continue to strongly embrace these core values in the conduct of our business. Along with these core values, the proficiency and skill of the team and high quality in their work would always be sustained so that the NIC can create a reputation for excellence.


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Our Objective

The objectives of NIC are as follows:

• To investigate unlawful acts of Law Enforcement Agencies and employees of such agencies and to investigate where the commission of such act is suspected or if any party submits a complaint that such an act has or is being committed;

• To foster public trust and confidence in the service provided by employees of Law Enforcement Agencies whilst affording employees of Law Enforcement Agencies the necessary legal protection to carry out their duties;

Our Independence

The National Integrity Commission shall be a separate legal entity having its own common seal, with the power to sue and to be sued in its own name and with the power to take on undertakings in its own name.

• NIC is an independent institute of the state.

• NIC would be effective by retaining the ability to undertake objectively and independently on the integrity of law enforcement officers, and agencies

• Oversight of NIC is carried out by the Independent Institutions committee of the Parliament (People’s Majlis) who scrutinizes the work of NIC.